What is BEER SPA:

It is an especial procedure with a curative effect, which part of it is a Finnish sauna, bath with an ingredient, from which a beer is brewed of, regeneration of your body on the oats straw bed and a relaxation in a sauna, when the positive effects of beer procedures are absorbed.

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Is known, since medieval times, the baths in yeastily beer has got a curative effect and they have a very great prevention. A beer sediment and a beer yeast are a natural cure, on the assumption that we adhere to a right temperature and a bath time and also right dosage of ingredients though. Boths of them cleans and defecates organism through the poruses of the skin. Beer spa Bier.Bottich.Bad® is beneficial for everyone. People who have problems with their skin are very satisfied, but also people who suffer with vascular problems speak very positive about the bath.

However, the most important is an experience of the bath: you are sitting in a tub, and by the way you can just easily tap some beer for yourself – isn´t that great?

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