Doctors opinion

We have asked some doctors about their opinion of beer bath and most of them had an almost identical answer:

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If the same ingredient, which is used for a beer bath, is used for brewing beer, we drink or it is sold as a food, it can´t be dangerous for your body during external use. Moreover, „beer bath“ is an experience, fun, and it helps you to relax your body and mind. That´s it from „voice of nation“.

Whirpool increases the intensity of positive feelings and a bath temperature (37°C + 2°C).

Whirpool effect helps liquefying the ingredient (hop, chip etc.), releasing aromatic substances of the ingredient, such as hop oil, fallouts of fermentation and yeast and makes the mechanical effect of massage stronger for better absorbing the substances to the skin.

For health reasons is the time of bathing limited from 15 up to 20 minutes. The next thing is the rest on the oaten bed, which helps a body to relax.

Is „BEER BATH“ suitable for everyone?

The answer is „YES“. but

before you take your „first beer bath“ you should consult it with your doctor anyway.

The temperature of the bath is about 37°C, that is why people, who suffer with high blood pressure, varices, etc., should be careful and keep the bath temperature according their own feelings. This applies to every bath though. People who have or just recently had a chemotherapy, shouldn´t take „beer bath“.

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